Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 Minute pillow cover

Its true...I am back.  A little wiser, a little older, and ready to start blogging again.  We are doing well and there have been lots of changes in our family!  More on that later.  

Here is my first project back.

I decided it was time to recover my pillows.  I figured out the easiest no fuss way to do it and after you make one it will really only take you 10 minutes or less to whip one up.  

(I got this fabric from Joann Fabrics.  Super cute and I know they have an aqua and pink polka dot as well.)

Not all the way over.

I don't measure the extra that you always just works out.  Try'll catch on.

I like my pillows to fit into the case nice and snug so when I am eyeballing where to cut I pretty much just make sure it fits right onto the fabric.

You are just going to cut right up that fold.

Then you will have front and a back.

I just eyeball where to cut making sure one side is slightly bigger than the other.

I just pressed the fabric over 1/4 inch twice with an iron and sewed right down to finish the edges.

I love making these cases this way because it really is just no fuss and so easy.  It's so nice not to worry about measuring and pillows are really forgiving :)    

Happy sewing!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Umm hello...

So...if I started blogging anyone still there?

Monday, May 07, 2012

Tulle Pom Poms

Ok, holy moly these are fun!   This is my favorite kind of project to do at night after the kids go to sleep.  They take no time and are so adorable!  If little miss Charlotte wears one of these out, it takes my twice as long to run my errands because she attracts so much attention :)

Oh my, I love her.

When I am looking through pictures of this girl at night while she is sleeping upstairs...I often catch myself talking to her pictures like she is really there. :)

"Charlotte you sweet little thing I just want to squeeze you to little pieces!''

I say things of this nature.  I can't help it really.

Are you thinking you better make some of these?

You will need:

pom pom makers

I have had my eye on these little tools at Joanns for awhile.  These are the Clover Brand.  They are around $6, and totally worth it.  There are a few different sizes to choose from and they come in a two pack.

Start off by opening one side of your pom pom maker.  Then wrap your tulle evenly around that one side until you get to the end and then wrap it all the way back to where you started.

Cut your tulle and close that side.

Then open up your other side.


Wrap just like you did your first side and cut your tulle again. 

It will look like this!

 Then cut right down the middle all the way around the tulle.

It should look like this.

Then take your string...

Cut a strand.

Tie  your string in a half knot and pull it very tight.  Then finish with another half knot to make a complete knot.

Then open up your two sides.

Pull the two sides of your pom pom maker apart.

And there you will have the sweetest little pom pom.
Cut your string.

There are always a few stragglers that make your pom pom look a little uneven.
I just go ahead and give my pom poms a little haircut.

This photo can give you an idea of the different sizes the pom pom makers make.

To attach them to the headband, I just like to cut out a circle of felt...

put some hot glue on there...

open up the pom pom to the middle and just stick that felt right on there.

Then I measure my babies head, cut the elastic a couple inches shorter, and glue the ends of the elastic together with hot glue.

I put a little hot glue onto the elastic where I glued the end pieces together (this hides where the elastic is glued together)...

and stick the pom pom right on!

You can also glue these onto clips!

So easy!
Happy Pom Pom making!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Camera Coats

I have honestly been WAITING forever to share Camera Coats with you guys.
Years ago, while waiting in the It's A Small World line at Disneyland, my Sister-in-law Emily told me about this idea she had.  I told her it WOULD BE BIG!  

(Emily and I on that very trip in California where she got the magical idea.)

A couple of years ago she sent me one of the very first ones she made and I COULD NOT have lived without it.

I recently got a new camera (because my other one was stolen along with my camera coat) and I did not have a Camera Coat for it, so my camera just sat on the shelf until my Camera Coat arrived in the mail!

Honestly one of my all time favorite products hands down!

  It's the perfect way to protect your camera without the bulk of a big camera bag.

Look what an amazing job she has done!

Are these not just so cute!?

 Love those mustard yellow flowers.

*Just so you know once style is gone, she will never bring back that exact style.

The chevron is awesome too!

There is a perfect little clip that you can attach to your camera so you don't lose it.

(The first model she sent me did not have the clip.  I found myself chasing after my camera coat after the tide at the Oregon coast swept it right up off the ground.)

They also come in cotton laminates that protect your camera from the rain as well!

Emily is offering Trey and Lucy readers:

25% off 
Until May 12th

Code: TreyandLucy25
Think Mother's or Father's Day gift ideas.
If you have a camera you should not be living without a Camera Coat.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pick Your Plum Winner

The Winner is #50

Sandy said...

                                           "I've signed up for their newsletter. What a great site!!!"
                                                                          3:11 PM

Sandy email me at so we can get you your winnings!

There is no email linked to your profile so I will give you 48 hours to contact me and then I will pick a new winner.

Thanks everyone for entering!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Pick Your Plum Giveaway


and they want to give one lucky Trey and Lucy Reader a
 (as they explained it to me)
"$75 Plum Box full of swank crafting swag."
 *The items inside will be a surprise and chosen by them.

For those of you not familiar with their website here is the gist of what they do:

Every morning at 7am they post an amazing deal on a craft supply.
They have limited supplies of the item and sell it until it is gone or until the time is up.
It almost always sells out.

I was so excited when they contacted me because I am a daily reader. 
A couple of weeks ago I even made my first purchase from PYP.
All six colors of bakers twin.

I needed them :)
All six.

Here are some other examples of items they sell:

The Rules:

1.  Pick your Plums asks that you like them on Facebook


Sign up for their newsletter 

2.  Leave a comment letting us know you are in.

3.  Have a USA shipping address

*I will announce the randomly chosen winner Thursday.

Good luck 
and may the woman in need of craft supplies the most win!